Contoh Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris 6 Orang

Naskah drama bahasa Inggris 6 orang merupakan salah satu kriteria naskah drama yang cukup banyak dicari selain naskah drama bahasa Inggris 5 orang dan juga naskah drama bahasa Inggris 4 orang. Nah, pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan berbagi dengan sahabat drana lovers sebuah contoh teks drama bahasa Inggris untuk 6 orang. Semoga contoh skenario dialog drama dalam bahasa Inggris dibawah ini berguna bagi sahabat pembaca.

Contoh Drama Bahasa Inggris 6 Orang


Judul: The Tale of Timun Mas
Pemain: 6 Orang

                1. Timun Mas
                2. Buto Ijo
                3. Mother
                4. Father
                5. Wise Herman
                6. Inventor Herman

Setting Adegan & Sinopsis Drama

Buto Ijo merupakan sosok berbadan sangat gemuk dan dia malu bertelanjang dada, suruh dia pakai baju berwarna hijau. Timun Mas diperankan oleh siswi yang berbadan kecil, diutamakan berparas cantik. Peran “Ibu” dan “Ayah” hendaknya disandang oleh sosok yang berwajah asli pribumi, “Ibu” bertubuh gemuk dan “Ayah” bertubuh kurus. “Pertapa Bijaksana” dan “Pertapa Penemu” bisa pria atau perempuan.

Untuk dekorasi latar, kamu bisa berkreasi sendiri. Jika dirasa perlu, panggil beberapa teman untuk menjadi operator panggung karena drama ini membutuhkan pergantian latar yang cukup sering dan tergolong rumit alur ceritanya.

Jika semuanya sudah dirasa siap, silakan simak dialog dramanya dibawah ini.

Dialog Drama

Act 1

Narrator : Once upon a time, in an exceedingly place deep within the forest, there have been a inexperienced large named Buto Ijo and 2 sacred Hermans. They were best friends. One day, the Herman came to the grot to visualize his succors.

Herman 1 : There you're, my succor, what square measure you doing?

Buto Ijo : ingestion.

Herman 1 : Oh… no marvel. What square measure you eating?

Buto Ijo : [No response, simply continue eating]

Herman 2 : [Just come to life, yawning] Hey, buddy. however square measure you? [shake Wise Herman’s hand] OH, I even have one thing you've got to grasp. [searching for something]. Umm… before I slept I place my invention here. Did you see it, Mr. Green? [asks to Buto Ijo]

Buto ijo : You mean some cucumber seeds? [remembering] OH, I engulfed it with my meal. [laugh annoyingly]

Herman 2 : What!!! [very angry]. You Ate it?

Buto Ijo : [nod his head] Like dirt.

Herman 2 : OH my God!! It’s not standard cucumber seeds! It’s a magic one. If you plant it on the bottom, it'll grow an enormous golden cucumber and there'll be a baby within it! That’s my greatest invention and you Ate it like dust??

Herman 1 :Easy, easy, my friend. there'll be alternative inventions larger than this one.

Herman 2 : No! OH my… Let’s leave this greedy creature, my friend. And you, Buto Ijo, sometime your greed can get its return! Don’t regret it! we have a tendency to leave! [Gets out of the grot with Herman 1]

Buto Ijo : [silently remove some cucumber seeds from his back]

Act 2
Narrator : in the future, there was pleasant couple. They lived in an exceedingly village close to the forest. They lived with happiness. sadly, they didn’t have any youngsters nonetheless. Everyday they prayed to God for a toddler.

Mother : OH God… please provide America a toddler. I promise i will be able to forever defend my kid. Please answer our prayer. thanks God.

Narrator: The inexperienced large, Buto Ijo, by possibilities gone by the couple’s house. He detected what they were praying for.

Buto Ijo : Whoa…ha…ha…ha! I detected that!

Mother : [gasps] OH my God! W-Who square measure you?

Buto Ijo : I’m Buto Ijo.

Father : [comes toward his wife] What? UN agency is that, honey?

Mother : OH my husband, Buto Ijo is ahead of our house. I’m scared. He can kill each of us!

Buto Ijo : Whoa…ha…ha…ha… I’m not planning to kill you. however i will be able to fulfill your request to own a toddler.

Father : you're simply humorous , aren’t you?

Buto Ijo : No…No… I’m serious. If you don’t believe Pine Tree State it doesn’t matter.

Mother : All right…. My husband, let’s see what he will do to assist America.

Buto Ijo : [Gives the seeds] Look, here square measure some cucumber seeds. Plant these seeds, then you’ll get a girl.

Father : does one mean it? It’s really easy.

Buto Ijo : affirmative, I mean it. however keep in mind, on her seventeenth birthday, I’ll come to require the lady.

Mother : OH, husband… please i would like a child! Let’s strive it!

Father : But… OH well, I’ll take his provide.

Mother : [Bows down] OH, thank you, husband! thanks plenty, Buto Ijo!

Buto Ijo : Whoa…ha…ha…ha. See you once more seventeen years from currently, humans. And keep in mind your promise. [Goes away]

Act 3
Narrator : successive day, the couple planted the seeds. Months later, a golden cucumber grew within the yard. The cucumber was obtaining larger and larger every day.

Mother : Look! Look! The cucumber grew terribly big! It’s therefore fantastic!

Father : yea, you right. What a really huge one.

Mother : It’s ripe already. will it work? however will this huge factor provide America a daughter?

Father : I don’t grasp. Don’t request from me.

Mother : i believe it’s time for America to open it up. i'm wondering what makes it’s therefore huge. Don’t you think that so?

Father : affirmative. Let’s cut it into 2.

Narrator :Carefully, they cut the cucumber into 2. To their surprise, they found an attractive daughter within the cucumber. however joyful they were.

Mother : [gasps] OH my goodness! there's a daughter within this cucumber! Am I dreaming?

Father : affirmative it's.

Mother : [Holds the baby out] This baby is therefore cute! God, thanks therefore much! thanks therefore much!

Father : what is going to we have a tendency to name her?

Mother : i believe i will be able to name her Timun Mas, husband. as a result of she came from the cucumber and he or she is cute. That name very suits her, isn’t it?

Father : I believe you.

Act 4
Narrator : Years gone by and Timun Mas grew into a beautiful lady. Her folks were terribly pleased with her however their hearts hurt therefore badly once they remembered their promise to Buto Ijo. The couple then remembered that there was a sacred Herman living within the forest. in order that they went there for the assistance.

Mother : [Knocking the door] Excuse America.

Herman 2 : [Comes toward the door and opens it] might I raise UN agency you each are?

Mother : My name is Sarni. this is often my husband. we have a tendency to each square measure farmers living within the village close to the forest.

Herman 2 : What does one wish from me?

Father : we'd like your facilitate.

Herman 2 : Okay, please are available. Tell Pine Tree State the story.

Narrator: The couple told the Herman regarding their would like and the way Buto Ijo consummated it. And conjointly the promise they created with the enormous. The Herman listened to them rigorously as him nodded for the ordinal time, till the couple finished their story.

Herman 2 : Oh! affirmative, i do know it specifically. He hid my invention, some magic cucumber seeds, then gave it to you each to urge a toddler, is it right? Hmm….we need to try to to one thing to revenge his greed.

Mother : Please, sensible Herman, help us. Don’t let Buto Ijo take one beloved girl.

Father : My partner is true, sensible Herman. What we could do?

Herman 2 : Okay, okay. Easy. I even have many “little” invention. Look, here is that the bundle. There square measure four things and messages within. they're going to facilitate Timun Mas run removed from the enormous.

Father : [Takes the bundle] square measure you certain they're going to work?

Herman 2 : Trust Pine Tree State, it works. Buto Ijo should be punished  for his action.

Mother : thanks noticeably, sensible Herman!

Act 5
Narrator : It therefore happened that in the future on Timun Mas’s seventeenth birthday, Buto Ijo came for the couple’s promise.

Buto Ijo : Whoa…ha…ha… Hey, peasant, wherever is your beautiful daughter? I return here to select her up. keep in mind the promise you aforementioned to me!

Father : Please hold back, Buto Ijo. Timun Mas, my girl, is taking part in within the field.

Buto Ijo : i do know you’re lying! however ne'er mind, I’ll notice her by myself! [Turns away to seek out Timun Mas]

Father : He’s gone. Timun Mas, come here, child.

Timun Mas : affirmative, daddy, I’m coming. Who’s that?

Mother : he's Buto Ijo, the inexperienced large. for a few reason, he’s craving for you. I’m certain he’ll come here before long.

Timun Mas : OH my God, what is going to he do to me?

Father : hear Pine Tree State, Timun Mas, you've got to run removed from him. [Gives the bundle to Timun Mas] Take this bundle with you. It contains chili seeds, salt, cucumber seeds, and shrimp paste.

Timun Mas : What ought to I do with these?

Father : Throw every of them once the enormous gets nearer to you. These can assist you flee from the enormous.

Timun Mas : What regarding you, mater and dad?

Mother : Don’t worry regarding America. Oh my God, the enormous is coming! currently, run, Timun Mas! Run as quick as you can! Please be careful!

Timun Mas : thanks, mater and dad! You too please beware of yourselves! [Runs away]

Act 6
Narrator : at the moment, the enormous hunted person Timun Mas and he was obtaining nearer and nearer. Timun Mas then took one or two of salt from the bundle. She displayed the salt and as if by magic a good ocean appeared between them.

Timun Mas : Take that you just evil giant!

Buto Ijo : [Smirks] Ho…ho…ho. you think that you'll run removed from me! No way! Whoa…ha…ha…ha. I’ll get you! [Swims through the sea]

Timun Mas : OH my God! however did he do that?? I don’t grasp he will swim!

Buto Ijo : look ahead to Pine Tree State, you very little girl!

Timun Mas : OH no! He’s obtaining nearer to Pine Tree State. There’s no alternative choice! Take this, giant!

Narrator : and so she took the chili seeds and threw them at the enormous. Suddenly the seeds grew into some trees and treed him. successive factor he knew, the trees grew some thorns as sharp as a knife.

Buto Ijo : Ouch…Ouch! It hurts badly!

Timun Mas : Take that one too, evil creature!

Buto Ijo : therefore, you wish to play with Pine Tree State huh? You’ll regret it once you lose!

Timun Mas : OH no! he's still chasing me! i need to run faster!

Narrator : once more, the enormous virtually caught Timun Mas. So, Timun Mas took the cucumber seeds and threw them onto the bottom.

Buto Ijo : What now? What’s this? Cucumbers square measure everywhere! they appear delicious! i suppose it’s higher on behalf of me to own appetizers initial.

Timun Mas : Hosh…Hosh…Oh I’m out of breath. however the enormous was ingestion the cucumbers. this is often my probability to run away!

Buto Ijo : [Yawns] Whoaaah…I’m terribly sleppy. i would like to sleep initial. at the moment I’ll notice Timun Mas. look ahead to Pine Tree State lady, I’ll return and cause you to my dinner tonight!

Narrator : Timun Mas unbroken on running as quick as she may. however before long she was terribly tired herself. And things were obtaining worse because the large had woken up.

Buto Ijo : Whoaaah…I’m contemporary again! Hey, Timun Mas, you can’t run removed from Pine Tree State. I’ll get you! Hohoho…

Timun Mas : OH, God, he has woken up! What shall I do, God? Please facilitate me!

Buto Ijo : therefore, you wish to play hide and request, don’t you? wherever square measure you? C’mon, c’mon very little girl… return to daddy!

Timun Mas : God! Please facilitate me!!

Buto Ijo : There you're, very little girl! an extra step and I’ll catch you!

Timun Mas : this is often my last hope! [Throws something] Take that, Buto Ijo!

Narrator : urgently she then threw her last weapon, the shrimp paste. Magically, the paste became an enormous swamp.

Buto Ijo : OH, no, what’s this? It’s therefore sticky and smells fishy! Timun Mas…! I swear i will be able to swallow you as before long as I catch you!

Narrator : the enormous fell into the swamp however his hands virtually reached Timun Mas. Suddenly the swamp force him to the lowest and his hands lost her.

Timun Mas : Finally I’m free!

Buto Ijo : OH, no… facilitate! facilitate me! somebody help me!

Timun Mas : nobody can assist you, giant, as a result of you’re a foul person.

Buto Ijo : Please facilitate me…!! I swear I won’t do one thing dangerous again! Promise me!

Herman 1 : [comes out of the blue] square measure you certain regarding your words?

Buto Ijo : Arggh… Herman! Finally you come! Please facilitate me!

Timun Mas : [shocks] UN agency square measure you?

Herman 1 : [Turns his face to Timun Mas] Ah, am I afraid you? Let Pine Tree State introduce myself. i'm a Herman. therefore simply decision Pine Tree State Herman. You don’t have to be compelled to grasp my real name. And this large is my succor.

Buto Ijo : affirmative, i'm his best friend! Please get Pine Tree State out of here!

Herman 1 : [Turns back to Buto Ijo] i will be able to assist you out if you promise you won’t do dangerous things once more and stop being a greedy person.

Buto Ijo : affirmative, I promise! I promise i will be able to be a decent person! you'll calculate me!

Narrator : Finally, the great Herman helped Buto Ijo, his best friend. As before long because the large got out of the swamp, it had been disappear. Then the enormous apologized to Timun Mas likewise on the Hermans.

Fortunately they forgave him. From then on, Buto Ijo lived as a decent large and forever helped the peasants with their fields. As for Timun Mas, she lived with happiness along with her folks with no worry any longer.
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