Contoh Drama Bahasa Inggris Tentang Persahabatan

Bagi Anda yang sedang membutuhkan contoh naskah drama bahasa Inggris tentang persahabatan, berikut ini sebuah skenario drama bahasa Inggris yang bisa Anda jadikan sebagai bahan pembelajaran untuk menulis naskah drama Anda.

Naskah drama bahasa Inggris dibawah ini merupakan naskah drama singkat dan dimainkan untuk 5 orang pemeran. Baiklah, silakan simak contoh naskah drama bahasa Inggris 5 pemain berikut ini.

Drama script type: A Short Drama
Drama About: Social
Title of Drama: The meaning of friendship
Drama Players: 5 Players

1. Mimi
2. Ami
3. Linda
4. Jovan
5. Dion

Synopsis of Drama

Ami is a friend Mimi, Linda, Jovan, and Dion. In contrast to the fourth friend, Ami life very difficult. Ami is a figure of teenagers who live under poverty. Ami decided not to continue their education in high school because not bear to see her mother's health is often experienced as a result of too sick to work hard in order to pay for his education.

Because of concern for a friend, Ami can get out of his predicament. Ami still can continue their education without having to burden his parents.

Dialogue of Drama

One day, Mimi saw Ami're looking very agitated. Mimi was wondering in his heart, what's with Ami. Do not want to watch Ami continues to show a sad face, then Mimi directly to find out the problems faced by Ami.

Ami, you know why? why your face looks very restless? you no matter what?

No, I'm not okay. I just do not get enough sleep wrote, so my face looks pale.

The problem is, you face not only looks pale, but you like people who are confused.

Ami was trying to dodge.

You could have! I do not see why. True I just do not get enough sleep.

Mimi was silent, and soon came Linda.

Hi, what are you guys here? Oww ... you why, Ami? Why do you look so pale?

Right, if you were seen not as usual. Anyway, you say it, what's going on?

Ami Yeah, it's our friend. If you face any problem, try stories to us. We definitely will try to help.

Ami still trying to cover up his problems, because they do not want to bother the her friends.

Anyway, I do not see why. Kan earlier I told you, I do not sleep enough.

Linda and Mimi could only be silent, and 5 minutes later came Jovan and Dion.

Hi, guys .. you guys from?

Emm .. our aunt's house before me.

Yeah, I had stopped briefly at Jovan Jovan aunt's house.

Oh .. no matter what you guys there?

No matter anything, just visit alone, because it had long been there.

Oh .. so, then great!

Just like Linda and Mimi, Jovan and Dion was immediately asked to Ami sees something unusual.

Hey .. Ami, you know why?

Indeed me why?

Hemm .. you, asked its really even so!

Ami same confused .. I'm sure he would again no problem, but do not know why he does not want to talk, but we're friends. So how does this, if there is a friend who does not open like this.

Listening to Linda, Ami was eventually powerless to cover what is at hand.

Actually I do not want to talk about me, because I do not want you to get involved in troubles, but because you are forcing me to talk, then I have no choice.

Yeah, it's okay, you say it!

I'm going to quit school.

What ... quit school? what do you mean?

Yeah, I mean how do you stop, Ami?

I can not add to the burden of parents. They worked day and night for the sake could send me. When I saw my mother was ill last night, I was no longer possible to rely on my mother.

Ami four friends were silent, thinking of the best way to Ami. Jovan then provide suggestions for Ami.

Ami Okay, what if I try to ask aunt to me, maybe he needs the employee side.

Yes, aunt you've got supermarkets.

Looks like it was a great idea. If aunt Jovan do need part-time employee, you can always save you money for school fees. You want it, Ami?

Ami receive offers Jovan.

Well then, I definitely want to if Aunt Jovan do need part-time employees.

Good! You just take it easy, I'm sure my aunt need additional employees because when I was there yesterday there was one of the employees who stopped working.

Ami's friends finally glad to see the back can smile. Ami was finally accepted to work at Jovan's aunt supermarket, and she does not get out of school.

Drama Dialogue End

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