Contoh Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris 6 Orang

Sahabat drama mania kali ini saya ingin share sebuah teks drama dalam bahasa Inggris untuk 6 orang. Semoga contoh skenario drama bahasa Inggris singkat berukut ini dapat Anda jadikan sebagai bahan referensi dalam menulis naskah drama yang baik dan deskriptif agar drama yang diperankan nantinya benar-benar terlihat bagus.

Adapun beberapa contoh drama bahasa Inggris yang sudah saya share pada kesempatan sebelumnya diantaranya adalah sebagai berikut:

Okay, langsung saja, berikut ini contoh naskah drama dalam bahasa Inggris untuk 6 orang pemeran.


The aristocrat and 3 Sheiks

Chapter One :

Once upon a time, there lived a gorgeous and powerful aristocrat in Arabian Peninsula. Her name was aristocrat Cintya. The aristocrat had a several suitors. however she refused all of them till the suitors were simply remaining 3 individuals. aristocrat Cintya felt thus confused to decide on one among them thus, aristocrat Cintya asked to her friend, Citra.

Queen                          : “My girl could be a lovely woman. however heretofore, Why doesn't she get married? i'm afraid if my girl are spinster. Oh my God.”
Princess Cintya            :”Mom please don’t state it. “
Queen                          : “Oh my God, you shock Maine Cintya!”
Cintya                          :”I’m terribly sorry, Mom.”
Queen                          :”Where have you ever been ha?
Cintya                          :”One hours past I simply visit garden to took a breath for a short time, Mom”
Queen                          :”Oh okay-okay. Honey, Did you hear what I aforementioned a number of minute ago?
Cintya                          :”Yes mamma, I hear that. are you able to not state my wedding, Mom?”
Queen                          :”Why I can’t state it, honey? I simply disturbed regarding you. you recognize Cintya?  Your age is prepared to induce married , however why heretofore, I forever didn’t see you with a boy, you only forever along with your friend. Citra right? so I desire  holding your baby quickly .”

Cintya                          :”Listen up mamma, i'm going crazy if you state it once more and once more. I promise mamma. presently i'll get an excellent husband. i'll command a contest to decide on my right husband.”
Queen                          :”Yes up to you my girl. Cintya I simply offer you one week to decide on one among them. Okay?
Princess Cintya            :”Yes mamma, I get it.”
Queen                          : “So don’t waste some time to try and do things that don't seem to be helpful.”
Queen                          :”Hey wherever ar you going currently, my daughter?”
Princess Cintya            :”I am simply getting to meet my ally to debate regarding it seriously, mom.”
Queen                          :” I will catch your voice honey?”
Princess Cintya            :”Forget it mamma. Bye”
Queen                          :”Hey Cintya Please tell Maine once more.”

aristocrat Cintya come back to her ally, Citra. Citra could be a missy World Health Organization sleep in close to

Palace, She is belong class. Citra and Cintya be friend throughout ten years. When Cintya
had a retardant, Cintya forever teel her issues to Citra. Citra as her ally forever listen

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