Contoh Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris 5 Orang

Teks drama bahasa Inggris berikut ini adalah drama dalam bahasa Inggris untuk 5 orang. Seperti yang kita tahu, bahwasannya ada banyak sekali bahasa yang dapat digunakan dalam menyusun naskah drama, dan satu diantaranya adalah bahasa Inggris.

An example of English drama script

The following English text of this drama is drama in English for 5 people. As we know, there are a lot of bahwasannya language that can be used in preparing a play, and one of them is English.

Title: Motivation
Characters: 1. Ryan 2. Tony 3. Letty 4. Santhy 5. Timothy

Dialogue of the drama

So far, I've learned a lot, but I wonder why my grades still are not good?

Tolerance, if you're still not good value that means you have to be more diligent in learning.

True what is said Tony, if you're more diligent in learning, then you can definitely good value.

But I've already been very diligent in learning?! Then less diligent how else?

Yes you have to be more diligent again. You have to remember, that success does not always come as we want. There are times when we still have to wait and be patient.

I agree with what was said by friends. What does it really Santhy.

Felt she was very diligent, Ryan was getting confused with his friends statement.

I'm so confused!

Confused kepana?

Yeah, you wonder why, Ryan?

I've already learned the very hard, and as a result my grades still below the expectations I had. So what else should I do.

Well, not every man is given a range of different ideas. So, if you think you have been studying very diligently, but you're still ugly value, it means you have to stay consistent study hard and still maintain a sense of patience.

Yes, I agree with what was said by Tony. Important that you stay focused course, then you will certainly value a lot better than now. Trust me!

Ryan also feel more comfortable with the advice given by Letty. He felt, maybe someday he will be much easier to understand the subjects.

Well, thank you very much for your advice Letty, and also advise all my friends. I will continue to focus on learning, hopefully the results will be better in the future again.

of course!

nice .. you should hold it!

Okay, do not worry .. anyway later you will most likely increase the value, even much better

Demikian contoh drama bahasa Inggris 5 orang, semoga saja contoh naskah drama pendek dalam bahasa Inggris ini berguna bagi Anda serta dapat memberikan sumber inspirasi bagi sobat drama lover dalam menyusun skrip drama yang bagus dan lengkap.

Contoh dialog drama diatas ditulis secara singkat, jika Anda membutuhkan teks skenario drama yang lebih panjang, Anda bisa menambahkannya sendiri sesuai dengan kebutuhan Anda. Dan dibawah ini adalah beberapa contoh naskah drama lainnya yang barangkali juga sedang Anda perlukan.

Semoga bermanfaat!
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  1. Good points of script but there are too many errors. BTW, Thank you so much for the corrections :)


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